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Cyclophane and linear phane systems are considered as parent hydrides. Their derivatives are named in conformity with the principles, rules, and conventions prescribed for naming organic compounds. The following nomenclatural features are described: indicated and added hydrogen, order of seniority for numbering, substituents expressed as suffixes, substituents cited as prefixes, phane parent hydrides modified by addition or subtraction of hydrogen atoms, and polyfunctional derivatives.

Among the names and structures used as examples in the 1993 Guide to IUPAC Nomenclature of Organic Compounds some errors appear, several of which are likely to be quickly obvious and untroublesome. To reduce the possibility of confusion among users of the Guide, however, we publish a list of corrections here rather than waiting until a new edition of the Guide has been prepared.

Since publication of "Revised Section F: Natural products and related compounds" in Pure Appl.Chem. 71, 587-643 (1999), a number of errors have been detected. Further consideration of some sections now requires some extensions or further explanation. These changes are listed below.