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Knowledge intensive business services (KIBS) as regional innovation systems. The number of business enterprises in a particular region represents a location factor that reflects the ability to develop a regional innovation system. Specialization resulting in branches equipped with pertinent, intensive know-how and the degree of intensity of the knowledge of these branches provide significant hints about the extent of specialized information present as well as about the potential for transferring knowledge within company networks. By identifying branches endowed with concentrated knowledge and by analyzing cases of specialization in a region, the contribution in hand offers an initial indication about the quantification of creative environments.

China´s car industry against the backdrop of socioeconomic change. The Chinese automobile industry currently is preoccupied with a distinct process of change which is characterized by the emergent liberalization and a disintegration of traditional production structures enforced by the influence of globalization. Long ranging trends in the Chinese society are thereby provoking a general alteration of value systems and consumption patterns. With reference to a regulation theory based analytical framework, the contribution in hand addresses the impacts of this profound economical, societal and political transformation on the automotive sector. In sum, a transition from a fordist system marked by state control towards a Chinese specific post-fordist mode of development is exposed.

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