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Objectives: Several studies have questioned the need for platelet function testing in patients treated with new ADP receptor blockers (ADPRB). The aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of high on-treatment platelet reactivity (HTPR) among acute ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) patients treated with newer ADPRB.

Methods: A prospective study enrolling 44 acute previously ADPRB naive STEMI patients (31 men, 13 women) undergoing primary percutaneous coronary intervention (pPCI) was performed. Among the studied population 23 patients received prasugrel and 21 patients received ticagrelor. Antiplatelet response was tested with light transmission aggregometry (LTA) and vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein phosphorylation (VASP-P) flow cytometry assay. Samples were taken prior to coronary angiography (sample 1) and on the day after this procedure (sample 2).

Results: The mean platelet aggregation after induction with ADP was 51.7 ± 24.8% in sample 1 and 25.3 ± 20.1% in sample 2. An examination of VASP-P showed a mean platelet reactivity index of 56.8 ± 25.7% in sample 1 and 23.8 ± 23.1% in sample 2, respectively. The study identified 11.4% of patients in sample 2 as ADP receptor blocker non-responders. No significant differences were found between prasugrel-treated to ticagrelor-treated patients.

Conclusions: This pilot study demonstrated HTPR among acute STEMI patients treated with newer ADPRB.


The results of experimental test of nine thickset reinforced concrete slabs in punching are presented in the this paper. The aim of the tests was verification of the Eurocode EC 2 procedure, by which the ultimate shear stresses vRd,c depend on the slenderness of the slab. Besides of the performed tests results, the analysis of the foreign investigation of the fundaments is also included. The test results, as well as other tests, show the correctness of the function assumed in Eurocode 2, which gives correlation between ultimate stresses vRd,c and shear slenderness.