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  • Author: J. P. Martinez x
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2,3-dioxogulonic acid and the disodium salt of its enol were synthesised, isolated and identified both chemically and spectroscopically. A kinetic study was carried out on its equilibrium by means of the “stopped flow” method for rapid processes, and the rate constants for the forward and backward reaction were determined as a function of the pH of the medium. The kinetic coefficients involved, equilibrium constant and Gibbs free energies were also determined.

By using a conductometric method, the kinetics of the basic hydrolysis of benzyl benzoate in water-alcohol medium has been investigated. The second order rate constant follows the equation K = A exp {-E/RT} with A = 1.35·1010 l mol-1 min-1 and E = 14.5 kcal mol-1. A reaction mechanism is postulated, which is consistent with the experimental data.