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A Roman {2}-dominating function (R2F) is a function f : V → {0, 1, 2} with the property that for every vertex vV with f(v) = 0 there is a neighbor u of v with f(u) = 2, or there are two neighbors x, y of v with f(x) = f(y) = 1. A total Roman {2}-dominating function (TR2DF) is an R2F f such that the set of vertices with f(v) > 0 induce a subgraph with no isolated vertices. The weight of a TR2DF is the sum of its function values over all vertices, and the minimum weight of a TR2DF of G is the total Roman {2}-domination number γtR 2(G). In this paper, we initiate the study of total Roman {2}-dominating functions, where properties are established. Moreover, we present various bounds on the total Roman {2}-domination number. We also show that the decision problem associated with γtR 2(G) is possible to compute this parameter in linear time for bounded clique-width graphs (including trees).