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  • Author: Joan de Pablox
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Performance of a field-scale permeable reactive barrier based on organic substrate and zero-valent iron for in situ remediation of acid mine drainage

Gibert, Oriol; Cortina, José Luis; de Pablo, Joan; Ayora, Carlos
Environmental Science and Pollution Research
Product Type: Databases
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Giménez, Javier / Casas, Ignasi / Sureda, Rosa / de Pablo, Joan

Kinetics of hydrogen peroxide consumption in aqueous phase at different hydrogen partial pressures

Giménez, Javier / Martínez-Lladó, Xavier / Rovira, Miquel / de Pablo, Joan / Casas, Ignasi / Sureda, Rosa / Martinez-Esparza, Aurora

Cesium sorption on studtite (UO2O2·4H2O)

Serrano-Purroy, Daniel / Clarens, Frederic / Glatz, Jean-Paul / Wegen, Detlef / Christiansen, Birgit / de Pablo, Joan / Giménez, Javier / Casas, Ignasi / Martinez-Esparza, Aurora

Leaching of 53 MW/d kg U spent nuclear fuel in a flow-through reactor

Casas, Ignasi / de Pablo, Joan / Clarens, Frederic / Giménez, Javier / Merino, J. / Bruno, J. / Martinez-Esparza, Aurora

Combined effect of H2O2 and HCO3- on UO2(s) dissolution rates under anoxic conditions

Rey, Alexandra / Utsunomiya, Satoshi / Giménez, Javier / Casas, Ignasi / Pablo, Joan de / Ewing, Rodney C.

Stability of uranium (VI) peroxide hydrates under ionizing radiation

Product Type: Journals/Yearbooks
Meca, Sandra / Marti, Vincenc / de Pablo, Joan / Giménez, Javier / Casas, Ignasi

UO2 dissolution in the presence of hydrogen peroxide at pH>11

Bonhoure, Isabelle / Meca, Sandra / Marti, Vincenc / Pablo, Joan de / Cortina, Jose-Luis

A new time-resolved laser-induced fluorescence spectrometry (TRLFS) data acquisition procedure applied to the uranyl-phosphate system

Product Type: Journals/Yearbooks
Clarens, Frederic / Giménez, Javier / Pablo, Joan de / Casas, Ignasi / Rovira, Miquel / Dies, Javier / Quiñones, Javier / Martínez-Esparza, Aurora

Influence of β radiation on UO2 dissolution at different pH values

Product Type: Journals/Yearbooks
Cobos, J. / Havela, L. / Rondinella, V.V. / de Pablo, Joan / Gouder, T. / Glatz, J.-P. / Carbol, P. / Matzke, Hj.

Corrosion and dissolution studies of UO2 containing α-emitters

Product Type: Journals/Yearbooks

You are looking at 1-10 of 12 items for: Joan de Pablo

  • Author: Joan de Pablox
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