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The crystal structure of hexamethylenediammonium bis(thiosaccharinate) dihydrate, [H3N-(CH2)6-NH3](tsac)2 · 2H2O (tsac=C7H4NO2S2, the anion of thiosaccharin), was determined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction. It crystallizes in the monoclinic space group P21/a with Z = 4. The thiosaccharinate moiety is planar and shows small but significant modifications in the bonding of the thioamide functional group as compared with the protonated neutral molecule. The ionic crystal is further stabilized by an extensive H-bonding network, which links the anions and cations into an infinite three-dimensional supramolecular assembly. The FTIR spectrum of the compound is briefly discussed in comparison with those of the neutral constituent molecules.

An enantioselective synthesis and resolution of the key White intermediate (3) for the synthesis of trisporic acids are described. Attempts to develop a synthetic route toward the antiulcerogenic compound cassiol (2) by an olefination reaction of 3 and an alternative sequence involving a Michael addition followed by an aldol condensation of an open substrate, are also reported.