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A turbulent, electrically conducting fluid containing a magnetic field with non-vanishing meanvalue is investigated. The magnetic field strength and the conductivity may be so small that the turbulence is not influenced by the action of the LORENTZ force.

The average of the crossproduct of velocity and magnetic field is calculated in a second approximation. It contains the averages of the products of two components of the velocity field, i. e. the components of the correlation tensor.

Here the structure of the correlation tensor is determined for a medium with gradients of density and/or turbulence intensity, furthermore the turbulent motion is influenced by CORIOLIS forces.

As the main result is shown that in those turbulent velocity fields the average crossproduct of velocity and magnetic field generally has a non-vanishing component parallel to the average magnetic field.

Such a turbulence may be present in rotating stars. Consequences concerning the selfexcited build up of steller magnetic fields are discussed in a following paper.