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Evidence-based expertise in nursing and midwifery is growing but is not automatically turned into practice. The importance of implementation research is therefore increasing. International research results on factors facilitating implementation have not yet been sufficiently presented.


This scoping review will explore the findings on successful preparation, realisation and maintenance of interventions in nursing and midwifery.


Based on an existing systematic approach, relevant data bases were accessed to identify original studies relating to implementation research in nursing and midwifery. The process of study selection and the characteristics of the included studies were charted.


In the four reviews and 38 studies which met the inclusion criteria, various factors leading to successful implementation are identified. Based on the included studies, four facilitating factors can be pinpointed: (1) workplace culture (16 entries), (2) leadership culture (28 entries), (3) resources (4 entries), and (4) training (22 entries). Depending on the specific phase of the implementation process (preparation, realisation, or maintenance), these factors will vary in importance.


This scoping review provides an orientation for the field of implementation research and it maps the design, themes and results of the studies included. It should be noted that few studies take into consideration the relevant theories, as well as the influence that the researchers and the target group may have on the implementation process, or provide an exact description of the setting in which the implementation takes place.