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  • Author: M. A. Kraus x
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Here we report on the synthesis and characterization of μ-oxido-bis(pentammine iron(III))- tetrachloride-ammonia(1/8), [Fe2(μ-O)(NH3)10]Cl4 ・ 8NH3. The compound crystallizes in the triclinic space group P1̄. At 150 K the lattice parameters are a = 8.4806(7), b = 9.3823(10), c = 10.6321(12) Å , α = 112.59(1), β = 105.98(1), γ = 93.49(1)°, V = 737.51(13) Å3 with Z = 1.

Bis(triphenylphosphine)gold(I) perrhenate [Ph3PAuPPh3]+ReO4 - has been prepared in high yield from Ph3PAuCl, Ph3P and AgReO4 in a mixed solvent. The compound is stable in air and decomposes at 235 °C. In the crystal structure, the two independent perrhenate anions are not approaching the gold centers of the two independent cations, but weak interionic interactions are entertained via π-π stacking of phenyl groups and C-H···O contacts. As three-blade chiral rotors, the Ph3P ligands of the cations are in a staggered conformation at the gold atoms with only slightly bent P-Au-P axes. IR and NMR data show no anomalies and are close to those of alkali or onium perrhenates.