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Ein bio-bibliographisches Handbuch


A great number of students of law at Hamburg evaluate the official lectures in a more and more critical manner and decide to make use of the repetitor when they are going to pass their examinations. The authors ask for the reason of this development because the competing teaching-system is restricted on the instructions of facts. The descrepancy between officially defined achievement expectations and the aids rendered by the teaching-system of the university is interpreted as an anomic tension. This strain is regarded as a cause of different studying-strategies selected by the students. Studying at the repetitor makes it possible to maintain the achievement goal without relying entirely upon the teaching-system of the university. The student’s anxieties are interpreted as an essential motive for the preference of the competing teaching-system. They will be discussed in relation to methods of teaching at the faculty of law and to achievement expectation in different social classes. In order to predict the students inclination to study at the repetitor the ATKINSON model of risk-taking behaviour is used. The correspondence between ATKINSON’s general psychological model and the specific example is substantiated by a set of hypotheses. Finally some results are shown which are to contribute to the knowledge of the student’s motive structures and which encourage further research with interactive hypotheses.