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Ternary deictic system in Aromanian Adverbs of place of the type here, there, which form a binary system met in many languages, can be considered as local or spatial deictic elements. In Ibero-Romance languages (Spanish, Portuguese, and Catalan) a ternary deictic system appears which, regionally, can be found in dialects of the Romanian language, i.e. Aromanian and Dacoromanian. This paper deals with the spatial deictic system using three terms in Aromanian and comparing them to the Romance and Balkan (Albanian) languages; this information is compared with the situation observed in another local dialect. The presence of the ternary deictic system in some Romance languages, as well as in Slavic ones and in Albanian, around which Aromanian developed (especially the Fãrşerot local dialect), proves that there is a Romance tendency developed within the Balkan context in Aromanian, too.

Abstract In this article, I present phonological and morphological features of three Aromanian subdialects in the Republic of Macedonia. The study is based on fieldwork recordings of Aromanian dialect speakers from urban and rural communities: Struga, Cruşova, and Beala di Supra. In describing these features, this article raises the general descriptive question of how far Aromanian is a Romance language preserved in a Balkan environment.