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Studien zur Überlieferung, Interpretation und Autorisierung biblischer Texte


The essay reminds us of the effects of Paul Speratus, that early follower of Luther who died 450 years ago and who, probably unjustly, has enjoyed little attention in recent decades. At the beginning of 1522, the former Würzburg cathedral preacher was excommunicated by the theology faculty of the University of Vienna, because of a sermon that he had preached in St. Stephan’s Cathedral in Vienna - one of the first that argued against clerical vows of celibacy. From that time, Speratus aligned himself with the faction of reform-minded critics of scholasticism. Nevertheless, he found a new position as pastor in Iglau (Moravia), from which, however, King Ludwig of Hungary attempted to drive him. The congregation initially banded together in defense of their pastor, but under the pressure of the cross it did not persevere. Speratus had to yield and turned toward Wittenberg. There he gained attention as the translator of three writings of Luther, among others the Formula Missae|. In addition, he wrote the lyrics of the great Reformation hymn, Es ist das Heil uns kommen her|. A later song about the Augsburg Diet of 1530 expressed the problem of resistance. After 1524, Speratus took his final post, as court preacher in the young Duchy of Prussia and evangelical Bishop of Pomerania. His contribution to the history of the Prussian Reformation is deserving of a new evaluation.