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Recent discussions (especially in the Internet) about the question whether Nietzsche was a Transhumanist or at least a forerunner of the Transhumanist movement have drawn new attention to Nietzsche’s concept of the Overhuman and the relation to the Posthuman. The article is taking a critical stance by turning suggested analogies between education and genetic manipulation of humans into an argument against the latter, by relating self-education to self-overcoming and eternal recurrence of the same (which is excluded by Transhumanists), and by reminding of Nietzsche’s distinction between ‘Overhuman’ and ‘last human’ as two different ways to the future. Linguistic analysis of the epitheta used in speaking of the different ‘types’ in question as well as structural analogies between critical considerations in Michael Sandel and Jürgen Habermas on the one hand, Nietzsche on the other are also evidence that Nietzsche would not have endorsed the technological path to perfection of the human but would emphasize his own way of self-overcoming instead.