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Experiments concerning drying behaviour of ntholo (Pseudolachnostylis maprounaefolia PAX) were conducted to find a suitable drying schedule. Two non-symmetrical drying (NSD) tests were carried out to determine the drying behaviour of ntholo in terms of drying rate and stress behaviour. A tentative drying schedule was selected for comparison of the test results with those of similar tests with other known species. The schedule was tested in a laboratory kiln on 28-mm thick boards. According to both NSD tests and laboratory tests, ntholo dries easily but slowly. The laboratory drying lasted 266 h and achieved standard drying quality characterised by 8.9% moisture content, a moisture gradient of 1.2% and a case-hardening (gap) of 1.2 mm. Twist was the largest deformation with 3.4 mm per 1000 mm on average. The assigned schedule provided standard drying quality and it could be tested further in industrial kilns.