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The possibility of recoil-labelling with high energy fission fragments has been investigated. We have found that in a mixture of ferrocene with an uranium compound the fission of uranium produces ruthenocene and iodine ferrocene. By this method carrier-free 103Ru(C5H5)2 has been produced. The relative yield of ruthenocen-(103Ru) has been measured with different ratios of uranium to ferrocene, ranging from 0.013 to 0.325. At a ratio of 0.013 about 60% of the total 103-ruthenium are bound in form of ruthenocene. The yield decreases to 45% at a ratio of 0.325. In order to explain these high yields we have to suggest that the labelling is performed not only by the primary fission ruthenium-103, but especially by secondary ruthenium-103 formed by β-decay.

Pure 99Mo (CO)6 was produced free of other reaction products by nuclear fission in a mixture of Cr(CO)6 and U3O8 according to the reaction

Cr(CO)6+U (n,f) 99Mo → 99Mo (CO)6.

The relative yield ranged up to 60% and was equal to the yield we had found formerly for the production of 103Ru (C5H5) 2 by the same method.


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