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A new jar-like ZnO structure was synthesized by heating a mixture of Zn and InI3 powder with a weight ratio of 4:1 dispersed on Si wafer at 450°C in air. The diameter of the jar was of the order of 15 μm and the length of 20 μm. The formation of a molten InI3 drop, coating the drop with Zn powders, oxidation of these Zn grains, decomposition of InI3 to In and I vapors and the subsequent release of these vapors from the structure are considered important steps in the formation of the observed structures. The necessary elements in forming such structures are analyzed, which can be used as a guide in the design of experiments to synthesize similar structures for different purposes. Such structures are predicted to be able to soak large amount of liquid and release it at low rate, which is a desired property in some applications.