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The crystal structure of potassium hydrogen mesaconate has been determined and refined to an R value of 10.4%. The crystals are triclinic with a = 6.23 Å, b = 7.33 Å, c = 3.97 Å, α = 87° 30′, β = 107° 6′, γ = 98° 57′ with Z = 1, space group P1.

This paper proposes an agent based integration strategy for software elements at the Distribution Control Centre (DCC). The proposed agent-based software integration enables to "plug-and-play" new software applications developed by any vendor or developer with no or minimal changes in the existing software system at DCC. Consequently, it permits the development of the distribution automation system in a phased manner by different vendors. The strategy has been successfully implemented and tested in an actual 10 MVA, 33 kV distribution system to validate its efficacy.

Titanium (IV) complexes of monofunctional bidentate Schiff bases, such as salicylideneaniline, β-hydroxynaphthylideneaniline, benzylidene-o-aminophenol, benzylidene-2-hydroxyethylamine and benzylidene-2-hydroxy-n-propylamine have been prepared. The reactions between titanium isopropoxide and the Schiff bases in varying molar ratios resulted in the synthesis of several new derivatives of the general type, Ti (OPri)4-x (SB)x (where x = 1. 2. 3 or 4 and SB is the anion of the Schiff base SBH) in quantitative yields. The molecular weight determinations of some of the soluble derivatives indicate the possibility of coordination numbers five or seven for the central metal atom.

Reactions of titanium isopropoxide with bifunctional tridentate Schiff bases, such as salicylidene-o-aminophenol, acetylacetone-o-aminophenol and benzoylacetone-o-aminophenol and bifunctional tetradentate Schiff bases, such as bis-acetylacetone ethylenediimine, bis-benzoylacetone ethylenediimine, bis-salicylaldehyde ethylenediamine and glyoxal-o-aminohpenol have been investigated in different stoichiometrc ratios. The resulting products Ti (OPri) 2 (SB), Ti (SB) 2, Ti (OPri) 2 (S′B′), Ti (OPri) 2 (S″B″) and Ti (OPri) (S″B″) (S″B″H) (where SBH2 = bifunctional tridentate Schiff base, S′B′H2 = bis-acetylacetone or bis-benzoylacetone ethylenediimine and S″B″H2 = bis-salicylaldehyde ethylenediamine or glyoxal-o-aminophenol) have been isolated in almost quantitative yields. The molecular weights of the products soluble in benzene have been determined ebullioscopically and plausible structure indicated. The thermogravimetric analysis of the salicylidine-o-aminophenol derivatives has also been carried out.