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H1 und P31 (sowie F19, soweit zutreffend) N.M.R.-Daten werden mitgeteilt für einige Verbindungen, die tertiäre Butylgruppen an Phosphor gebunden enthalten. Es wird gezeigt, daß die Verbindung (CH3)3C · P (:O) (F) [N(CH3)2] als ein Gemisch zweier Isomerer vorliegt.

The P31, F19, and H1 nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of a new series of compounds of the types (RO)nPF3-n and (R2N)nPF3-n (n = 1,2) have been studied. A regular change in the chemical shifts and coupling constants has been observed with multiple substitution. The changes in the coupling constants have been explained on the basis of the electronegativity of the atoms attached to phosphorus. Some long-range coupling constants between hydrogen and fluorine separated by five bonds were observed.

The nuclear magnetic resonance spectra (31P, 19F) of a variety of compounds containing phosphorus-fluorine bonds have been studied, in continuation of earlier investigations on the same type of compounds.

The previously observed relationship between coordination number of phosphorus and δP was generally confirmed, i. e. δP becomes more positive as the coordination number around phosphorus increases. No meaningful substitution rules, either for chemical shifts or for P-F coupling constants, could be established. The data obtained are discussed qualitatively in relation to the electronegativity of the substituents and to the coordination number of phosphorus. Data on the preparation and characterization of numerous phosphorus-fluorine compounds are also included.