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Crystals of the composition Bi70Sb30 , undoped and doped with the donor Te and the acceptor Sn, were made by zone melting. Specimens were prepared with the long edges parallel to the bisectrix, the binary or the trigonal axis. Transport properties (electrical resistance, transverse magneto-resistance, Hall effect, thermoelectric power, longitudinal and transverse Nernst-Ettingshausen effect) were measured for specimens with different orientation and doping in the temperature range from 8 to 300 °K. Investigations of magnetic field dependence of some properties and of the anisotropy of magnetoresistance in a transverse field of different directions were made.


Electronic transport properties of undoped, Te- and Sn-doped Bi-Sb-alloys of approximate composition Bi94Sb6 were measured within the temperature range 10-300 K. Besides the electrical conductivity and thermoelectric power the magnetoresistance, the Hall effect and the thermoelectric power in a magnetic field were investigated. Measurements in low magnetic fields yield the mobility tensor for Te-doped samples and in connection with the Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations in higher magnetic fields the effective mass tensor of the electrons. Corresponding investigations on Sn-doped p-conducting samples in this paper give the mobility tensors of light and heavy holes and approximately the effective mass tensor. Here quantum oscillations of the thermoelectric power in a magnetic field were analysed.