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We show that it is possible to associate a de Broglie wavelength to a composite system even when the constituent particles are separated spatially. The nonlocal de Broglie wavelength (A /2) of a two-photon system separated spatially is measured with an appropriate detection system. The two-photon system is prepared in an entangled state in space-momentum variables. - Pacs: 42.50.-p, 42.50.Ar


The present study describes a new species of Trichodina found in the mucus of the body surface of 137 farmed and wild silver catfish (Rhamdia quelen) located in southern Brazil and in the gills of 99 banded knife fish (Gymnotus sp.) captured in the basin of Pantanal. Smears of the body surface mucus and gills were air dried at room temperature and impregnated with silver nitrate and stained with Giemsa for analysis of the adhesive disc, denticles and macronucleus. Characterized as a medium trichodinid, Trichodina quelenii n. sp. resembles T. heterodentata and T. acuta. It differs from T. heterodentata by the shape of the blade and from T. acuta by the lack of central circle. Furthermore, the distinct shape of the blade of T. quelenii n. sp. differs from all previously described species for the genus, leaving no doubt it is a new species.