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  • Author: Shiyu Huo x
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Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMCs) are primary candidates for advanced gas turbine engine application that require intense high temperature tests and validations. Before CMCs used in engine hot sections, a lot of tests need to be done, especially thermal test. A thermal test rig has been set up to simulate the engine turbine thermal environment. Propane gas is used to simulate the practical aviation fuel and compressed air with flow regulator is used as cooling media. The capabilities and limitations of the test facility have been calibrated and discussed in this paper. A CMC turbine vane with internal cooling path was tested on this burning rig. The results showed that the CMC vane could withstand the 1200 ℃ thermal cycling test but the coating was disappeared. It has been proved that such test rig and method could simulate the thermal boundary conditions of turbine vanes and blades.