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A Coursebook for Students of English
Series: Mouton Textbook
Phonetik, Textlinguistik, Übersetzungstheorie

This article outlines why valency theory and Goldberg's theory of argument structure constructions should be combined. In the light of empirical valency research it is argued that the amount of item-specificity to be observed in language must be accounted for in a theory of complementation and that generalizations concerning parallels between semantic properties of verbs and their occurrence in particular valency patterns must be treated with a certain degree of caution. It is suggested that one way of combining the two approaches is to make use of specific formal categories and to introduce a valency realisation principle in a theory of argument structure constructions.


The article addresses a few questions concerning the nature of translation theory. The main issue discussed is whether translation theory should be seen as a discipline that basically providing an academic framework that can serve as the basis for practical translation and the training of translators or whether it should be regarded as a branch of e.g. descriptive linguistics since its purpose is to describe what translators do rather than to outline what they ought to do.