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This article gives a complete account of the research in synchrotron radiation powder diffractometry (SRPD) conducted at DESY/Hasylab between 1981 and 1992 and incorporates an extensive bibliography on SRPD in general. A detailed description of the experimental station for powder diffraction established in fall 1988 at beamline B2 of HASYLAB is given and selected examples of research conducted to date are reviewed to demonstrate its capabilities and potential. Aspects of instrument availability and beamtime allocation are entertained in the concluding remarks. References have been selected such that maximum coverage of the field is achieved with a minimum of citations and the list is hopefully complete with respect to the retrievable literature pertinent to the development of synchrotron powder diffractometry at Hasylab. Papers covering methodical aspects of data analysis and more general aspects of SRPD, however, have not been included.