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Ten species of benthic marine algae, new distribution records for the Azores achipelago, are itemised; two other species records (Heterosiphonia crispella and Laminaria ochroleuca) are confirmed for the islands. Six species (Bryopsis pennata, Cottoniella filamentosa, Dasya baillouviana, Feldmannia paradoxa, Heterosiphonia crispella and Lomentaria clavellosa) show an amphi-Atlantic distribution pattern; four (Bonnemaisonia asparagoides, Laminaria ochroleuca, Pterosphonia ardreana and Stylonema cornu-cervi) show a European-African-Mediterranean distribution pattern. The occurrence of Dudresnaya crassa, a western Atlantic warm-water species, represents an extension of its known distributional range to the east. An Ahnfeltiopsis was found which resembled A. intermedia, a species that occurs in the Atlantic Ocean to the south of the Azores.