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We have previously determined the excitation energy division in 51V+197Au collisions at a bombarding energy corresponding exactly to the Bass-model barrier, E cm=B, and at E cm=B+25 MeV. At the barrier, the average excitation energies as a function of Z showed an extreme acceptor-donor asymmetry ("sawtooth" phenomenon) suggesting that the excitation energy division depends on how the neck nucleons are shared at scission. At the 25 MeV higher bombarding energy, a rapid change toward equipartition of the excitation energy was observed. We report here on the determination of the excitation energy division in the same system, using the same experimental technique, at E cm=B+75 MeV. At this bombarding energy, the average excitation energies indicate that a temperature equilibrium has been reached for most partitions except for the - on the average - incompletely damped events near the entrance channel charges, where some remnant of the "sawtooth" phenomenon is still visible.