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  • Author: Wen Zhang x
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Both intermolecular reactivities toward C-O and C-N unsaturated substrates and intramolecular reactions of various 1-lithio-1,3-dienes are briefly summarized. Results reveal that intramolecular synergy between the alkenyllithium moiety and the butadienyl skeleton make 1-lithio-1,3-diene derivatives useful and unique as building blocks in organic synthesis. It is demonstrated that substitution patterns and the nature of the substituents on the butadienyl skeleton have remarkable effects on reaction pathways.


Based on bilinear interpolation, this paper presents an improved calibration method for machine vision systems. An experiment is conducted that involves the construction of a model between the image plane of the camera and the world plane of the object, which provides a relationship of the planes' coordinate systems. An improved distortion correction method is then applied to improve accuracy. The results of the experiment demonstrate the advantages of this method compared to traditional methods.