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  • Author: Wolfgang Künzel x
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The transition metal arsines C5H5(CO)2LM-As(CH3)2 (M = Mo, W; L = CO, P(CH3)3) react with elementary sulfur (selenium) in CS2 to give the transition metal substituted arsine chalcogenides C5H5(CO)2LM-As(CH3)2S(Se). Due to the pronounced basicity of the chalcogen centre they are easily converted into cationic mononuclear complexes [trans-C5H5(CO)2P(CH3)3Mo-As(CH3)2SR]X by alkylhalides, and into bridged dinuclear complexes tans-C5H5(CO)2P(CH3)3Mo-As(CH3)2S-MLn on treatment with THF · Cr(CO)5 or AgI. The structures of the new compounds are established by spectroscopic investigations.