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The Raman and infrared (IR) spectra of γ-butyrolactone (BL) containing various concentrations of LiClO4 have been measured and analyzed for the first time. It is found that both the vibrational frequencies and relative intensities of several BL bands change with increasing LiClO4 concentrations. The band splittings of the C-C stretch at 678 cm-1 (both in Raman and IR) and of the C=O stretch at 1772 cm-1 (in IR) show that there is a rather strong interaction between Li+ cation and BL molecule. This interaction occurs on the oxygen atom of the carbonyl of BL molecule. On the other hand, spectral curve fitting within the perchlorate band shape shows contributions of free ions and solvent separated ion pairs. Ion pairs as deduced by spectroscopic techniques provide a rational account for conductivity and viscosity of the electrolyte systems.


In this paper the size-dependence of energy relaxation, which is induced by the electron-phonon (e-ph) interactions and the electron-surface (e-s) interactions in noble metal nanoparticles, is investigated. Then based on the analysis and the derivation of the e-s coupling constant in metal nanospheres, the formula of the effective electron-phonon coupling constant Geff of hollow gold nanospheres (HGNs) is deduced. Moreover, the correctness of the formulae gets proved by contrast analyses of the calculated Geff values and experimental values obtained from literature.