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  • Author: YU. E. ANIKONOV x
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In this paper we consider evolution and differential-difference equations which contain a variable parameter. We also derive and proof numerous formulas which represent solutions and coefficients of such equations. On the basis of the obtained results we formulate and investigate new inverse problems.

In the paper we present new constructive methods of investigation of multidimensional inverse problems for kinetic and other evolution equations. These problems correspond to the author's previous researches and continue them.

Multidimensional systems of kinetic equations are considered in this paper. New representations for solutions and coefficients are given and operator formulas are obtained for solving a certain inverse problem.

In the paper we consider inverse problems for evolutionary linear and non-linear equations. We introduce constructive methods for their investigation, in particular, in some cases of the formula.

New formulae for solutions and coefficients of multidimensional kinetic equations are presented in the paper.

We develop a new method of investigating inverse problems with a parameter and we take one problem for an evolution equation as an example. We introduce formulas for a solution and a coefficient of the Schrödinger type equation.