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  • Author: Yuri Kornyushin x
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The method of the entropy variation in thermodynamics, closely related to the mean-field Landau description and to the theory of Landau, is presented. it allows the formulation of a simple phenomenological approach for the metastable states, which allows one to calculate the explicit dependence of the Gibbs free energy on temperature, to calculate the heat capacity, the thermodynamic barrier, dividing metastable and more stable states, and the thermal expansion coefficient. Thermodynamic stability under mechanical loading is considered. The influence of the heating (cooling) rate on the measured dynamic heat capacity is investigated. A phase shift of the temperature oscillations of an ac heated sample is shown to be determined by the time of the relaxation of the metastable nonequilibrium state back to the metastable equilibrium one. This dependence allows one to calculate the relaxation time. A general description of the metastable phase equilibrium is proposed. Metastable states in AB 3 alloys are considered. Reasons for the change from the diffusional mechanism of the supercritical nucleus growth to the martensitic one as the heating rate increases are discussed. The Ostwald's stage rule is derived.