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Das, Uday / Chattopadhyay, Basab / Mukherjee, Monika / Mukherjee, Alok K.

3-Benzyloxybenzaldehyde: Ab initio powder structure determination and Hirshfeld surface analysis

Loh, Wan-Sin / Kwong, Huey Chong / Kumar, C.S. Chidan / Quah, Ching Kheng

Structural investigation and Hirshfeld surface analysis of three organic picrate salts

Wei, Lin-Heng / Wang, Zi-Liang / Li, Ming-Xue

Synthesis, Structural Investigation and Characterization of an α-Keggin-based Organic-Inorganic Hybrid, [Cu(BIIM)2]{[Cu(BIIM)2(H2O)][Cu(BIIM)2BW12O40]·3H2O}2 (BIIM = 2,2´-Biimidazole)

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Ahmad, Jimmy / How, Fiona N.-F. / Halim, Siti Nadiah Abdul / Jotani, Mukesh M. / Lee, See Mun / Tiekink, Edward R.T.

A new structural motif for cadmium dithiocarbamates: crystal structures and Hirshfeld surface analyses of homoleptic zinc and cadmium morpholine dithiocarbamates

Kwong, Huey Chong / Rakesh, M. S. / Chidan Kumar, C. S. / Maidur, Shivaraj R. / Patil, Parutagouda Shankaragouda / Quah, Ching Kheng / Win, Yip-Foo / Parlak, Cemal / Chandraju, Siddegowda

Structure–property relation and third-order nonlinear optical studies of two new halogenated chalcones

Then, Li Yee / Kumar, C.S. Chidan / Kwong, Huey Chong / Mah, Siau Hui / Loh, Wan-Sin / Quah, Ching Kheng / Win, Yip-Foo / Chandraju, Siddegowda

Radical scavenging potency of 2-(benzofuran-2-yl)-2-oxoethyl 3-(methyl/amino)benzoate: synthesis, crystal structure and Hirshfeld surface analysis

de L Correira, Nathasha R. / Noguiera, Thais C.M. / Pinheiro, Alessandra C. / de Souza, Marcus V.N. / Gomes, Ligia R. / Low, John N. / Wardell, James L. / Wardell, Solange M.S.V.

Crystal structures and Hirshfeld surface analyses of halogen substituted azine derivatives, 1,4-bis(halophenyl)-2,3-diazabuta-1,3-dienes

Keikha, Mojtaba / Pourayoubi, Mehrdad / Tarahhomi, Atekeh / Lee, Arie van der

A new Z′=(2+0.5+0.5) amidophosphoester structure: Hirshfeld surface analysis of symmetry-independent molecules

Chatterjee, Paramita / Dey, Tanusri / Pal, Sarbani / Mukherjee, Alok K.

Two mefenamic acid derivatives: structural study using powder X-ray diffraction, Hirshfeld surface and molecular electrostatic potential calculations

Jotani, Mukesh M. / Poplaukhin, Pavel / Arman, Hadi D. / Tiekink, Edward R.T.

Supramolecular association in (μ2-pyrazine)-tetrakis(N,N-bis(2-hydroxyethyl)dithiocarbamato)dizinc(II) and its di-dioxane solvate

You are looking at 1-10 of 30 items for: Hirshfeld surface

  • Keywords: Hirshfeld surfacex
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