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Sheng, Li / Dai, Z.B.

Research on the Maritime Communication Cryptographic Chip’s Compiler Optimization

Product Type: Journals/Yearbooks
Ejdys, Mariola / Bielan, Olga

Sense of coherence among patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Meng, Zhaozong / Li, Zhen

RFID Tag as a Sensor - A Review on the Innovative Designs and Applications

Product Type: Journals/Yearbooks
Chabowski, Konrad / Piasecki, Tomasz / Dzierka, Andrzej / Nitsch, Karol

Simple Wide Frequency Range Impedance Meter Based on AD5933 Integrated Circuit

Product Type: Journals/Yearbooks
Xu, D. / Kang, L.

Optimal Dispatch of Unreliable Electric Grid-Connected Diesel Generator-Battery Power Systems

Siah, Poh-Chua / Tan, Siew-Huei

Sense of coherence and WHOQoL among parents of children with ASD in Malaysia

Explaining the Relationship Between Post-Critical Beliefs and Sense of Coherence in Polish Young, Middle, and Late Adults

Zarzycka, Beata; Rydz, Elżbieta
Journal of Religion and Health
Product Type: Databases
IBZ Online
Dåderman, Anna / Colli, Daniel

The significance of the sense of coherence for various coping resources in stress situations used by police officers in on-the-beat service

Khan, Mohammad / Ansari, Abdul

Area-efficient programmable arbiter for inter-layer communications in 3-D network-on-chip

Product Type: Journals/Yearbooks
Varlamov, Anton / Smirnova, Natalia / Hayakawa, Masashi / Yumoto, Kiyohumi

Fractal characteristics of the ULF emissions along a meridian profile, based on the 210 MM stations data

Product Type: Journals/Yearbooks

You are looking at 1-10 of 39 items for: SoC

  • Keywords: SoCx
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