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Tusa, Anna-Boróka / Magdás, Annamária / Tusa, Réka-Júlia / Incze, Al.

The Secret of Preserved Quality of Life in Elderly Patients with Peripheral Artery Disease and Decreased Ankle-Brachial Index

Product Type: Journals/Yearbooks
Thangaraj, Baskar / Mahadevan, Krishnan

Corrosion studies of DC reactive magnetron sputtered alumina coating on 304 SS

Product Type: Journals/Yearbooks
Cazacu, Emil / Stănculescu, Marilena / Andrei, Horia

On the Correction of the Power Factor in Modern Low-Voltage Power Electrical Installations

Siwczyński, M. / Jaraczewski, M.

New discrete reactive power factor definition of the two-terminal network

Kirubavathi, J.D. / Palani, G.

On Diffusion of Chemically Reactive Species in a Convective Flow Past an Inclined Plate with Variable Surface Temperature and Variable Mass Diffusion

Kelemen, András / Biró, Domokos / Fekete, Albert-Zsombor / Jakab-Farkas, László / Madarász, Róbert Rossi

Macroscopic Thin Film Deposition Model for the Two-Reactive-Gas Sputtering Process

Shakaryan, Yury / Sokur, Pavel

Experience in the development and operation of asynchronized turbogenerators and condensers in the Russian Power System

Product Type: Journals/Yearbooks
Maia, J. M. / Carneiro, O. S. / Machado, A. V. / Covas, J. A.

On-Line Rheometry for Twin-Screw Extrusion (Along the Extruder) and its Applications

Product Type: Journals/Yearbooks
Mlcek, Jiri / Rop, Otakar / Jurikova, Tűnde / Sochor, Jiri / Fisera, Miroslav / Balla, Stefan / Baron, Mojmir / Hrabe, Jan

Bioactive compounds in sweet rowanberry fruits of interspecific Rowan crosses

Product Type: Journals/Yearbooks

association between c-reactive protein and depressive symptoms in women with rheumatoid arthritis

low, c. a. etc.
biological psychology
Product Type: Databases
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You are looking at 1-10 of 697 items for: reactive

  • Keywords: reactivex
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