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Greenan, Kathleen A.

Comfort Levels and Communication Styles of Sexual Health Educators: An Interdisciplinary Study

Product Type: Journals/Yearbooks
Dinh, Thanh-Hang / van Teijlingen, E.R.

Factors influencing engagement in premarital sex among Vietnamese young adults: a qualitative study

Klapp, Christine / Fries, Julia / Kramer, Heike / Mais, Andrea

Interkulturelle Gesundheitsförderung bei Migrantinnen – Ärztliche Aufklärung, Information und Beratung mit Schwerpunkt sexuelle und reproduktive Gesundheit

Product Type: Journals/Yearbooks
Iwelunmor, Juliet / Blackstone, Sarah / Nwaozuru, Ucheoma / Conserve, Donaldson / Iwelunmor, Patricia / Ehiri, John E.

Sexual and reproductive health priorities of adolescent girls in Lagos, Nigeria: findings from free-listing interviews

Pizzol, Damiano / Bertoldo, Alessandro / Foresta, Carlo

Adolescents and web porn: a new era of sexuality

Russell, Christopher / Martinez, Daniel / Wong, Brendan / Zandberg, Julianne / Lin, Henry / Marlinga, Jazmin / Loh, Lawrence

Sexual health knowledge in a vulnerable population: a survey of adolescents in the bateyes of La Romana, Dominican Republic

Hajizade-Valokolaee, Maryam / Yazdani-Khermandichali, Fereshteh / Shahhosseini, Zohreh / Hamzehgardeshi, Zeinab

Adolescents’ sexual and reproductive health: an ecological perspective

Brito, Maximo O. / Davis, Melinda / Chakrabarti, Anindita

A cross-national study to compare the knowledge, attitudes, perceptions of sexually transmitted diseases and the sexual risk behaviors of Latino adolescents

Stenström, Pernilla / Kockum, Christina Clementson / Benér, Despina Katsianikou / Ivarsson, Camilla / Arnbjörnsson, Einar

Adolescents with anorectal malformation: physical outcome, sexual health and quality of life

Mogilevkina, Iryna / Odlind, Viveca

Some reproductive and sexual health indicators in rape victims in Ukraine

Product Type: Journals/Yearbooks

You are looking at 1-10 of 13 items for: sexual health

  • Keywords: sexual healthx
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