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Sharma, Ram / Aggarwal, Mona / Ahuja, Swaran

Channel Capacity and BER Estimation of Indoor Optical Wireless Communication System Under Receiver Mobility

Product Type: Journals/Yearbooks
Cherepanov, Alexander / Tyshchenko, Igor / Popova, Mariia / Vakhnin, Dmitriy

Building Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks

Kosz, Paweł

An Empirical Propagation Model for Corridors in Office Buildings

Shim, Dongha / Yi, Jason

Ultra-wide-angle Wireless Endoscope with a Backend-camera-controller Architecture

Arora, Heena / Goyal, Rakesh

A Review on Inter-satellite Link in Inter-satellite Optical Wireless Communication

Product Type: Journals/Yearbooks
Singh, Mehtab

Simulative Analysis of an Inter-aircraft Optical Wireless Communication System Using Amplifier

Product Type: Journals/Yearbooks
Ren, Danping / Zhang, Lijing / Zhao, Jijun / Zhao, Tianwei / Wu, Shanshan

A QoS Control Scheme based on Software Defined Fiber-Wireless Access Network for Survivability

Product Type: Journals/Yearbooks
Kaushik, Rahul / Khandelwal, Vineet / Jain, R.C.

Capacity of Optical Wireless System over Log-Normal Channels with Spatial Diversity in Presence of Atmospheric Losses

Product Type: Journals/Yearbooks
Choi, Woo-Yong

Enhancing MAC performance of DCF protocol for IEEE 802.11 wireless LANs

Product Type: Journals/Yearbooks
Ellinger, Frank / Fritsche, David / Tretter, Gregor / Leufker, Jan Dirk / Yodprasit, Uroschanit / Carta, C.

Review of Millimeter-Wave Integrated Circuits With Low Power Consumption for High Speed Wireless Communications

Product Type: Journals/Yearbooks