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suggested a decentralized controller for multiarea AGC for the restructured electricity markets using the eigenstructure assignment technique. In the meantime, flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS) devices with the advancing technology of power electronics are gaining wide popularity for power system operation and control [ 22 – 29 ]. This is attributed to the greater flexibility which it provides and this extra flexibility permits the independent adjustment of certain system variables like power flows that are not normally controllable. A thyristor controlled phase

challenging task for the power system engineer has been to damp these oscillations for the secure and reliable operation of the system. The conventional solution to the problem of these complex low-frequency electro-mechanical oscillations is the use of Power System Stabilizers (PSS). However the development of flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS) [1] controllers can enhance the damping of these oscillations, in addition to the steady state power flow and voltage control. These controllers must operate satisfactorily in the presence of many modes of power

-current technology to determine the three-phase compensation susceptance value and asymmetric three-phase firing angle of the TCR. Under the three-phase unbalanced load, the control of TCR and the available capacity of TSC can result in different reactive power injections into the network. This device also has the shortcoming of harmonic pollutions [ 60 ]. Unified power flow controller (UPFC). UPFC is a third-generation flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS) device that has a powerful series-parallel compensation ability. The typical UPFC is structured by back-to-back connected

turbine generator features may affect the system dynamics and participate in both voltage and frequency control and deviations. Furthermore, improving the reactive power limits of the system requires urgently a remedy for prevention of voltage’s instability and collapse. Analysis per- formed using PSAT prove that Flexible AC transmission System (FACTS) devices can be considered as efficient controllers for the growth of the system’s loadability margin that is tested by utilizing the Continuation Power Flow (CPF) technique. Compared to other controllers, the most