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design that is otherwise difficult to find. When the sociologist Lucius Burckhardt noted heretically in 1981 that design was invisible, he caused an uproar in the established world of design. The former lecturer at the Col- lege of Design in Ulm was attacking the heart of the system. He did not want to content himself with criticising the cosmos of well or badly designed objects, a world divided into things, but drew attention to the underlying structures. Instead of restricting himself to the design of a vehicle, for example, he targeted the phenomenon of

/München 2002, S. 315 21 Jörg Scheufele, a.a.O., S. 59 22 Matthias Horx, a.a.O., S. 211 23 Eine ähnliche Baderschließung haben u.a. die Wohnüberbauung am Park in Zürich-Oerlikon von Martin Spühler (siehe S. 142ff.), das Wohn- haus Kurfürst von Jakob Steib und die Wehrenbachhalde von Burkhalter+Sumi. 24 Herbert Wimmer: Wohn-Optionen. In: Gunda Dworschak, Alfred Wenke (Hrsg.): Zukunft Wohnen, Augsburg 1998, S. 186 25 Herbert Wimmer, a.a.O., S. 187 26 Lucius Burckhardt: Die Kinder fressen ihre Revolution. In: arch+ 100/101, S. 20 27 Peter Faller, a.a.O., S. 67 28 Estrade

. 315 21 Jörg Scheufele, ídem, pág. 59 22 Matthias Horx, ídem, pág. 211 23 Una distribución de aseos similar tiene también el complejo residencial en el parque Zurich-Oerlikon de Martin Spühler (véase la página 142 y siguientes), el edificio Kurfürst de Jakob Steib y el edificio Wehren- bachhalde de Burkhalter + Sumi. 24 Herbert Wimmer: “Wohn-Optionen” en Gunda Dworschak, Alfred Wenke (ed.): Zukunft Wohnen, Augsburgo 1998, pág. 186 25 Herbert Wimmer, ídem, pág. 187 26 Lucius Burckhardt: “Die Kinder fressen ihre Revolution” arch+ 100/101, pág. 20 27 Peter Faller

, op. cit., p. 187 26 Lucius Burckhardt, “Die Kinder fressen ihre Revolution.” In: arch+ 100/101, p. 20 27 Peter Faller, Der Wohngrundriß, (Stuttgart, Munich, 2002), p. 67 28 estrade = a slightly raised platform in a room or hall, from the Spanish estrado, part of a room in which a carpet is spread. See: Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2nd edition, New York, 1987, p. 664 29 Wolfram Popp in conversation with Max Glauner on the occasion of the Architekturforum Linz, 1999, cited from max.html 30 Wolfram Popp, op. cit. 31

simile soluzione di accesso al bagno è riscontrabile, tra l‘altro, nel complesso residenziale presso il parco in Zürich-Oerlikon di Martin Spühler (vedi pag. 142 segg.), nella casa Kurfürst di Jakob Steib e nel complesso Wehrenbachhalde di Burkhalter + Sumi. 24 Herbert Wimmer, »Wohn-Optionen«, in: Gunda Dworschak, Alfred Wenke (a cura di), Zukunft Wohnen, Augsburg 1998, pag. 186 25 Herbert Wimmer, op. cit., pag. 187. 26 Lucius Burckhardt, »Die Kinder fressen ihre Revolution« in: arch+ 100/101, pag. 20. 27 Peter Faller, op. cit., pag. 67 28 Estrade = piattaforma