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. 305. Brutus, Lucius Junius: (legend.) Gründer d. röm. Republik (510/9 v. Chr.); S. 37, 39, 191; Anm. 143. Brutus, Marcus Junius ( 8 5 - 4 2 ν. Chr.): einer der Cäsarmörder, s. Anm. 143; S. 39. Buddha: S. 86. Burckhardt, Jacob (1818-1897): Kulturhistori- ker; S. 294. Buridan, Johannes (um 1300- um 1358): S. 299. v. dem Busche, Hermann (um 1468-1534): dtsch. Humanist; S. 47; Anm. 170. Caelius (?): S. 140. Caelius Rufus, Marcus (um 84—48 v. Chr.): röm. Redner; S. 55. Caesar, Gaius Julius (100-44 v. Chr.): röm. Polit., Feldherr, Diktator; S. 36, 39, 75

-rational undercurrents of ancient his- tory in his Das Mutterrecht (1861) and his critique of scientific “objectivity” both intimate Schopenhauerian influence. And although he is sometimes thought to be anti-philosophical, Jacob Burckhardt was an overt Schopenhauerian – as well as the most renowned cultural historian of his generation.13 Nietzsche and Burckhardt had similar upbringings insofar as their introductions to the critical methods of philology extinguished the flame of their devotion to Christianity. Like Burckhardt, too, Nietzsche came to view the obsessive source criticism