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translation by Herbert Weir Smyth. 2 vols. (Loeb Classical Library.) London and New York, 1922-26. AGRIPPA, HEINRICH CORNELIUS, of Nettesheim. De occulta philoso- phia Libri tres. Cologne, 1533. AIGREMONT, DR., pseud. (Siegmar Baron von Schultze-Gallira). Fuss- und Schuhsyrnbolik und -Erotik. Leipzig, 1909. . Volkserotik und Pflanzenwelt. 2 vols. Halle, 1908-9. ALCIATI, ANDREA. Emblemata cum Commentariis. Padua, 1621. APULEIUS, LUCIUS. The Golden Ass, being the Metamorphoses of Lucius Apuleius. With an English translation by William Adling- ton (1566) revised by

, xxiv biology, xxxv, xxxviiin12, xlii, xlix; German biology, xliv; philosophical biology, xxxvii; vitalism in, xli biorhythms, 136, 136n27 black dog (death and the devil), 193–94 Black Elk, xxiv, 91, 91n17 Blobbs, Peter. See Hubbard, John (alias Peter Blobbs) blood: identified with motherhood, 157–58; identified with the soul, 158 blue flower image, 77, 77n6 blue passion flower, 132 Bodin, Jean, 129n11 Böhme, Jakob, 83 Bohr, Nils, 67n26 Borromeo, Camillo, 215 botany, 132 Burckhardt, Johann Jakob, 71, 71nn7–8 butterflies, 101–2 Cabirus, 158, 158n60 Calvitti

characteristic passages as: rijs ανθρωπινής μου ψυχική! δυνάμεως ήν ί-γώ πάλιν μεταπαραΧήμψομαι μ€τά την ΐνίστωσαν και κατετΓεί",ονσσ.ιι μί πικράν &νά-ίκ·ην άχρωκόπητον (my human soul-force, which I shall recover again undimin­ ished after the present bitter necessity that presses upon me), and tVei,a rijs *ar- ίπίΐΎοϋσης και πίκρας απαραιτήτου LvayKrjs (because of the bitter inexorable necessity that oppresses me). The speech of the high priest of Isis (Apuleius, The Golden Ass, XI, 15) reveals a similar train of thought. The young philosopher Lucius was changed into an

/; see also Apis bull-sacrifice, 12171, 238, 276, 42m, pi. XL; conquest of instinctuality, 262; and fertility, 432; fruitfulness through, pi. XXXHI; function of dog in, 238; meaning of, 261/, 432; messenger of the gods, 2487?; points of resemblance to Christian sac- rifice, 200/ Bundahish, 282; bull-sacrifice in, 42 m Bunsen, C. C., 18471 Burckhardt, Jacob, on Faust myth, 32; on Petrarch, 1971; quotation from St. Augustine, 73 burden-carrying, 301 ff burial: in consecrated ground, 372; customs, and tree symbolism, 233; —, Etruscan, 38871 "burst