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uncertain, although many identify Kiria- thaim with the ruin called Karey&t, lying S.W. of Makaur (Machaerus) and S. of Jebel Att&rtis. It is probably to be sought towards the south of the Moab plateau, but may have been near Heshbon. Burckhardt's identification with et-Teim, miles W. of Medeba, is now generally abandoned. LITERATURE. — Porter, Handbook, 300; Tristram, Land of Moab, 275, 305; G. A. Smith, HQBL 667 f . ; Buhl, GAP 276f.; Dillmann on Gn 145 and Nu 32^7. 2. A city in Naphtali, given to the Gershonite Levites, 1 Ch 676 [Heb.61). In the parallel

, Byzantine, Crusading, and Arab: but, without TACHES excavation, it is difficult to make any clear dis- tinction between them. The Latins and Greeks have in recent years erected churches and mon- asteries on the sites of the earlier buildings, and the Latins have recovered the place of the Trans- figuration mentioned by abbot Daniel. LITERATURE.—PEF Mem. i. 3G7, SS8-39L ; de Vogué, Église de T. S. 353; Guérin, Galilée, i. 143-lCii ; Robinson, BRP* iii. 351 fi. ; Burckhardt, Travels in Syria, 1822, p. 332 ff. ; G. A. Smith, HGHL 394, 408, 417; Buhl, GAP 1071, 216f