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UV Photoelectron Spectra of Some Bent Bis(r;5-cyclopentadienyl)Niobium and Tantalum Complexes Henk van Dam*, Andries Terpstra, and Ad Oskam** Anorganisch Chemisch Laboratorium, University of Amsterdam, J. H. van't Hoff Instituut, Nieuwe Achtergracht 166, 1018 W V Amsterdam, The Netherlands Jan H. Teuben Laboratorium voor Anorganische Chemie, Rijksuniversiteit, Nijenborgh 16, 9747 AG Groningen, The Netherlands Z. Naturforsch. 36b, 420-425 (1981); received December 29, 1980 UV PE Spectra, Niobium and Tantalum Complexes He(I) and He(II) photoelectron


Niobium and Tantalum Complexes UV Photoelectron Spectra of Some Bent Bis ( - cy clopentadieny 1) Niobium and Tanta- lum Complexes 420 Nitrophenols Electrochemical Behavior of the Nitrophenols and their Reduction Products at Graphite Electrodes 840 Nitrosyl- and Hydroxylamido(O.N) Complexes of Vanadium On the Mechanism of the Formation of Nitrosyl vanadium Complexes from Hydroxyl- amine : Reversible, Intramolecular Conversion of Coordinated Nitric Oxide to a Hydroxyl- amido(l—) Ligand 683 Nitrosylation Transition Metal Sulfur Ylide Complexes, XI . Structure