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of food in the Neolithic communities of northern Greece. In A. Bogaard (Ed.), The Archaeology of food surplus, World Archaeology 49(1). Urem-Kotsou, D. (2011). Recent approaches in ceramic research. Vessel use and food residue analysis in late Neolithic pottery from northern Greece (in Croatian with extensive summary in English). Panonski prapovijesni osviti - Zbornik radova posvećen Korneliji Minichreiter. Zagreb: Institut za arheologiju, 247-265. Urem-Kotsou, D., & Kotsakis, K. (2007). Pottery, cuisine and community in the Neolithic of North Greece. In J

Changes in Warfare and the Catastrophe ca. 1200 B.C. - Third Edition

. Incidence of impacted and supranumerary teeth-a radiografi c study in a North Greek population. Med. Oral. Patol. Oral. Cir. Bucal. 2011;16(1):55-61. 6. Smarandache A, Palada I, Sabău M. Studiu statistic al incluziei de canin maxilar. Acta Medica Transilvanica. 2012;2(4):129-132. 7. Bucur A. Compendiu de chirurgie oro-maxilo-facială. Q Med Publishing. 2009;I:115-116. 8. Yavus MS, Aras MH, Büyükkurt MC, Tozoglu S. Impacted mandibular canines. J. Contemp. Dent. Pract. 2007;8(7):78-85.

Serres graben (North Greece). PhD Thesis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, 2004 (in Greek with English summary) [12] Vouvalidis K., Morphological, sedimentological, oceanographic processes and anthropogenic interventions that contribute to the evolution of the mouth system of Strymonas River. PhD Thesis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, 1998 (in Greek with English summary) [13] Kockel F., Walther H., Strimonline als Grenze zwischen Serbo-Mazedonischen und Rila-Rhodope Massiv in Ost-Mazedonien. Geol. Jahrb., 1965, 83, 575–602 [14] Kockel F

extensive kinematic GPS measurements: a case study from North Greece, International Journal of Remote Sensing, Vol. 31, pp. 6205-6222, 2010. 13. Nicholls, R. J., Cazenave, A., Sea-level rise and its impact on coastal zones, Science, Vol. 328, pp.1517-1519, 2010. 14. Peduzzi1, P., Herold, C., Silverio, W., Assessing high altitude glacier thickness, volume and area changes using field, GIS and remote sensing techniques: the case of Nevado Coropuna (Peru), The Cryosphere, Vol. 4, pp. 313-323, 2010. 15. Rabus, B., Eineder, M., Roth, A., Bamler, R., The shuttle radar

itineraren fusst (s. L e a k e , T r a v . in North. Greece T . IV, p. 1 7 6 , nr. 1) , mag für die zeit derselben ihr relatives recht haben, aber darauf kömmt es hier nicht an, sondern nur wie Varrò sich die sache gedacht hat. Obgleich ich seit ktizem weiss , dass schon Bursian (Geogr. v. Griechenland I, p. 18, anni. 1 ) dieselbe änderung im texte des Servius ausgesprochen ha t , erschien es mir doch nicht unstatt- haft, meine begründung des von mir unabhängig gefundenen hier nachträglich lnitzutheilen. Dorpat. L. Mercklin. D . Auszüge aus Schriften und berichten

-7498/81/2002-00016$2.00 Copyright by Walter de Gruyter & Co. Mycenaean and Central Greek 133 2. Agreements between Arcado-Cypriot and Aeolic The Porzig-Risch theory5 ignores AC-Ae agreements since it groups AC with South Greek, and Ae with North Greek. But doubt remains6 about the Separation of dialects that share the following features: a. Innovat ions: i. Split outcome of syllabic resonants. As to the vocalic liquids, Morpurgo Davies (Atti Roma) showed that most of the evidence in AC is for a-color. But numerous examples of o-color remain. Attempts to explain them through analogy are not

, North Greece. PhD thesis, University Southampton, 2000 [43] Fornadel A., Voudouris P., Spry P.G., Melfos V., Mineralogical, stable isotope, and fluid inclusion studies of spatially related porphyry Cu and epithermal Au-Te mineralization, Fakos Peninsula, Limnos Island, Greece. Miner. Petrol., 2012, 105, 85–111 [44] Vavelidis M., Michailidis K., Gold composition in the Fe-Pb-Cu-(Ag-Zn) hydrothermal quartz veins of Kallianou area, southern Euboea (Greece). Bull. Geol. Soc. Greece, 1990, 22, 87–96 [45] Boboti-Tsitlakidou I

Phyiology, 25:701–712. Zianis, D., Muukkonene, P., Mäkipää, R., Mencuccini, M., 2005: Biomass and stem volume equations for tree species in Europe. Silva Fennica, 4:1–63. Zianis, D., Mencuccini, M., 2005: Aboveground net primary productivity of a beech ( Fagus moesiaca ) forest: a case study of Naousa forest, north Greece. Tree Physiology, 25:713–722.

scheme, International Journal of Production Economics , 135 , 1, 2011, 37-49. [22] Neto J.Q.F., Bloemhof-Ruwaard, van Nunen J.A.E.E., van Heck E., Designing and evaluating sustainable logistics networks, International Journal of Production Economics , 111 , 2008, 195-208. [23] Erkut E., Karagiannidis A., Perkoulidis G., Tjandra S.A., A multicriteria facility location model for municipal solid waste management in North Greece, European Journal of Operational Research , 187 , 2008, 1402-21. [24] Zipkin P.H., Foundations of inventory management , McGraw Hill, 2000