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overview. In: H. Todorova, M. Stefanovic, G. Ivanov (Eds.), The Struma/Strymon river valley in prehistory. Proceedings of the international symposium. Strymon Praehistoricus, 29/09-1/10/2004, Sofia: 2007, pp. 247-256. Goffman, E. (1963). Behavior in public places: Notes on the social organisation of gatherings. New York: The Free Press. Grammenos, D.B., & Kotsos, S. (2002). Rescue excavations at the Neolithic site of Stavroupoli Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki: Archaeological Institute of Northern Greece 2. Grammenos, D.B., & Kotsos, S. (2004). Rescue excavations at the

sitting on a diphros: a wall painting scene from the Kazanluk tomb. PLATE 155 Fig. 27 (Tonkova) | Ruler’s wife sitting on a throne: a wall painting scene from the Kazanluk tomb. Fig. 28 (Tonkova) | Diphros from the grave at Stavroupolis.

, 7139. Derveni, Nomos Thessaloniki, Griechenland — 3g. Treasures of Ancient Macedonia Catalogue Nr. 232, 233, 241 Taf. 33. Kaldrma, Prilep, Jugosl. Makedonien — Ib. Kitanoski, Macedoniae Acta Arch. l, 1975, 123 Taf.2,262—263. Katerini, Nomos Pierias, Griechenland — Ig. Treasures of Ancient Macedonia Catalogue Nr. 30 Taf. 5. Olympia, Nomos Elis, Griechenland — 4 b. Mus. Olympia, Br. 420, 1608, 3646, 4853, 8179, o. Nr. Ein Beitrag zu den Doppelnadeln im Balkanraum 251 Philia, Nomos Karditsa, Griechenland — 2b. Mus. Volos. Stavroupolis, Nomos Thessaloniki, Griechenland

beyond the in- troductory stage, I felt fortunate indeed to find that the investigation by John Photiadis of Stavroupolis in Macedonia had addressed itself to many of the specific questions in which I had been interested.6 No one would claim that all of his findings for one village in Northern Greece would auto- matically apply to the whole country, but they do possess enough generality to provide some penetrating insight. For example, his discussion * of the coffeehouse attractions are most helpful. The primary appeal is kouvenda, or conversation, explained as

Erinnerungsarbeit zu leisten. Diese Beiträge sind Bestandteil einer allgemeineren Diskussion über das Problem der heutigen Nutzung von griechischen Militärkasernen, die jahrzehnte- 32 Efi Sira (Architektin und assoziierte Mitarbeiterin der Gemeinde Stavroupolis), Vorstellung des Vorschlags der Gemeinde Stavroupolis in Form eines Referats auf der Webseite der Gemeinde: <>, 31.8.2010, Übersetzung durch die Autoren. 306 Vaios Kalogrias und Stratos N. Dordanas lang Teil der Städte waren und inzwischen ihre ursprüngliche Funktion verloren haben.33 Auf jeden

, Clayton E. "The Agriculture of Greece," Foreign Agriculture, VIIL 4 (1944), 75-96. MISCELLANEOUS Coutsomaris, George. "Possibilities of Increasing Economic Efficiency in Greek Agriculture." Unpublished master's thesis, University of Chicago, 1952. Photiadis, John D. "The Coffee House and Its Role in Stavroupolis, Greece." Unpublished master's thesis, Cornell University, 1956. Stephanides, Charalambos. "A Sociological Sketch of the Village of Megali Vrisi, Greece." Unpublished master's thesis, Cornell University, 1941. Theodore, Chris Athanasios. "Demographic

Karnobat 696 Karpatoukraine 129 Kattowitz (Katowice) 662 Kazanlăk (Kasanlak) 90, 717 Kežmarok 238 Kiew 400 Kišovce 133, 199 Kjustendil 86, 664, 667, 671–673, 676, 723 Klausenburg (Cluj) 340, 525 Końskowola 263 Košice (Kaschau, Kassa) 126–128, 133, 308 Krasnograd 653 Krăsto Pole (Krăstopole, Stavroupoli) 671 Kremnitz 304 Krencpusco 128 Kroatien 233, 655 Krychow 283–285 Kúty 319 Kysak 225–227 Lamač 214 Lehota 308 Leningrad 400, 403 f. Leopoldov 253 Liptovský Hrádok 183 Liptovský Mikulaš 183 Liptovský Svätý Ján 308 Liptovský Svätý Mikuláš 205 Lom 566, 662 f., 675, 693 f

one Greek official said, "The community council is a lively element in village life. The only point to remember is that council members are not educated enough to measure up to their tasks." Some brief insight into how this process works is found in the case of Stavroupolis, a village whose coffeehouses were treated at some length in the preceding chapter. According to John Photiadis: Stavroupolis and the three other villages which form the Stavroupolis com- munity are incorporated, with their government located in Stavroupolis. This government consists of

Genossenschaftsbank Geula 593 Kinotheater Royal 601 Königshaus 607, 609 Kommissar für die Versorgung in Dupnica 722 f. Kommissar/-iat für Judenfragen (Komisarstvo po evrejskite văprosi) 83 f., 86, 88, 91, 635 f., 642, 645 f., 650 f., 659, 668, 671 f., 683, 689–691, 693, 695 f., 698, 700, 717, 723 Lager – Arbeitslager – Gara Bov 607 – Ichtiman 679–681, 684–686 – Veselinovo (bei Šumen) 724 – Internierungslager – Kajlăka (bei Pleven) 723 – Krăsto Pole, auch Krăstopole (Stavroupoli) 670 f. – Ribarica 607 – Somovit 690 – Sammellager – Dupnica 666 – Gorna Džumaja 666 – Pirot 657, 659