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The solid host of a laser dye modifies its spectroscopic properties with respect to its liquid host. During the Sol-Gel process the dye molecules suffer from changing their environment. Two parameters affect this matter, the change in the concentration due to the evaporation of the solvent (drying) and the caging of dye molecules inside the pores or attachment to the silica network. Rhodamine 6G absorption and fluorescence spectra with different concentrations, during Sol-Gel time processing, have been studied. Both, absorption and fluorescence spectra of the dye in the solid host, for different concentrations, show a blue-shift relative to its liquid phase.

board the cooperative ISLAS ORCADAS Cruise 17/78 with Argentina. Nine clones came from Station 34, 51°47'S, 39°30'W, 5 October 1978; one came from Station 23, 57°37'S, 37°28'W, 25 September 1978. Two additional clones were received from R. R. L. Guillard and L. S. Murphy, Woods Hole, orginally isolated from Oslofjord by E. E. Syvertsen. These have been grown in cold chambers, mostly at 4 °C, although they also grew well in fresh-water ice baths and sea-water ice baths. Cultures were grown in f/2 medium (Guillard and Ryther 1962) at 4 °C, in 250 ml flasks (some batches

differentiables d'une variable reele, J. Math. Pures Appl. 45 (1966), 291-309. [26] P. Milman, The Malgrange-Mather division theorem, Topology 16 (1977), 395-401. [27] A.G. O'Farrell, Functions with smooth extensions, Proc. Roy. Ir. Acad. 76A (1976), 317-320. [28] A. G. O'Farrell, Point derivations on an algebra of Lipschitz functions, Proc. Roy. Ir. Acad. 80A (1980), 23-39. [30] W.F. Pohl, Differential geometry of higher order, Topology l (1962), 169-211. [31] W.F. Pohl, Connexions in differential geometry of higher order, Applied Mathematics and Statistics Laboratories

, licht 3,29 10 — 36 15 D. Zillerlhai, dunkel Baikalsee (Baikalit) 3,09 10 3 36 50 D. 3,49 11 3 37 10 D. Achmalowsk 3,81 13 3 37 10 D. Arendal 4,5 15 5 39 10 D. Lojo, grün (MalaUolit) 4,97 17 — 39 30 W . Tavastby, grün (Malakolit) 5,52 — • — 41 — W. Stansvik 10,38 44 — 42 30 w. Nordmarken 17,34 57 2 46 45 D. Stansvik, roth (Malakolit) 20,44 — — 46 - w. Lojo, schwarz ( - ) 27,50 94 — 48 - w. Tunaberg (Hedenbergit) 26,29 87 4 47 50 D. Mit d e m Eisenkalks i l i ca t nimmt also die Aus löschungssch ie fe z u . E i n e Tafe l mit e i n g e z e i c h n e t e r

- menhang, meist als Parallelität (fünfmal), zweimal auch als contrastierung (34, 3 und 11; 35,16 und 32) von grundsitua- tion, thema und Stimmung. Durch den antwortcharakter der zweiten strophe wird zweimal (32,13 und 21; 35,16 und 32) die erste strophe hervorgehoben, in leichter form auch 34, 3 w.; 37, 30 w. und 39, 30 w., wo die erste strophe im naturbild die reale situation für den ganzen Wechsel gibt. Zweimal (34,3 und 11; 35,16 und 24) sind die wechsel- strophen außerdem in der beim Regensburger besprochenen art durch mehr-wissen des zuhörers zusammengehalten

Jahr hindurch eisfrei gehalten wird und deshalb die Häfen stets zugänglich sind. N a c h d e n d ä n i s c h e n K o l o n i e n an d e r W e s t k ü s t e von G r ö n - l a n d bestimmte Schiffe müssen, wenn sie im Frühjahr von der Nordsee kommen, sich bestreben, 58° bis 60° N-Br. in etwa 10° W-Lg. zu erreichen, und dann nach Westen steuern, bis sie in die Gegend kommen, in welcher das grönländische Eis zu erwarten ist. Das wird in der Regel zwischen 40° und 41° W-Lg. und in 58° 30' N-Br. der Fall sein. In vereinzelten Fällen fand es sich schon in 39° 30' W

have been familiar with this medication, since it had been prescribed by his physician, Dr. W. Seman Bain- bridge, in January 1897. 39.30 W e had quarreled over little or nothing a few years before While editor of Ev'ry Month, Dreiser became increasingly disenchanted by the journal's utilitarian role and pedestrian E X P L A N A T O R Y N O T E S 1 8 3 tone and sought more editorial freedom to improve the literary level. Arguments over the magazine's function developed, and ultimately Dreiser left the firm, particularly annoyed by Paul. 40.6 my brother

°09'W 46°49'N,6o°3i'W 50°32'N, I02°22'W 5i°5i 'N, i i2°5i 'W 5i°29'N,78°45'W 5i°2i'N,77°25'W 48°33'N, I23°22 /W 48°20'N, 70°30'W 6o°3o'N, I39°30'W 48°39'N, 72°27'W 47°i3'N,70°i6'W 47°34'N, 52°43'W 47°28'N,70°22'W 46°oo' N, 7i°oo' W 48°04'N, 6s°34'W 42°40' N, 8o°25' W 45°i5'N,74°i5'W 68°25'N, I38°37'W 49°30'N, 96°oo'W 50°32'N,96°59'W 53°03;N, 93°20'W 46°3i'N,84°2o'W 53°37'N,66°2i'W 43044'N,790i4 ;W 54°40' N, ioi°47' W 50°oo'N, H7°oo' W 68°32'N, I32°40'W 44°46'N,76°4i'W 49°49'N,99°38'W 50°5i'N, n8°59'W 49°i5' N, i20°oo' W 50°o6'N, 9i°55'W 49°25'N, 94°o6'W 52°59;N, 66

recitat Augustinus8 libro 2 De gratia Christi et peccato original! capitulo 39 beatus Ambrosius Super Lucam ait: »>Solus enim per omnia ex natis de femina sanctus dominus lesus qui terrenae contagia corruptelae im- 5 ÄUG De perf iust 21,44 (PL 44,316) 6 cf 1 Tim 2,5 7Rm5,12 ÄUG De gratia Christi 2,41,47 (PL 44,410); AMUR In Lc 2,56 (PL 15,1573A) 7 De] et W 8 fuerit] fuit W 17 inde excipere] ~ W 31 libro 2] ~ EJ 32 39] 30 W 32 Solus] salus EW In 2 Sent dist 30-33 q 2 199 maculati partus novitate non senserit et coelesti maiestate depuleriK«. Si au- tem ipse >solus

where his mother had climbed up the banks of the Ohio River into the promised land of liberty, and followed the track of the old underground Railroad for fugitive slaves a few miles. He came to a village which was once a station of this system. Here, strangest of all, he found one of these ash- heaps in the public square. (407) Ironically, one of the few moving moments in The Leopard's Spots is this scene in which the curtain is dramatically lowered on a book that typified an 29Cf. Allen, Reluctant Reformers, 29-39. 30 W. E. B. DuBois, The Souls of Black Folk (Chicago