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ntroduction: he eatures of merican ationhood This book is a historical inquiry into law and the experience of American nationhood. Like so much else in early twenty-first century America, the book’s beginnings can be traced to the morning of September 11, 2001. I was inside a voting booth in the Westbeth Building in New York City, an old factory turned artists’ space along the Hudson River on Manhattan’s west side. Until just a few years before, the waterfront along the Hudson in downtown Manhattan had been home to a bustling international maritime trade. Cargo

169 c Chapter 6 The Citizen- Soldier and the Citizen- Internee Fraternity, Race, and American Nationhood, 1942– 46 When an enemy submarine allegedly shelled Goleta, California, in an effort to destroy oil installations there, Japa nese Amer- icans were accused of collaborating with the enemy. How else, their accus- ers reasoned, would the enemy have known that a changeover of the shore battery would leave the installations defenseless that very day? According to one government offi cial, when a sweep of the Japa nese community ensued, “Innocent appearing

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Hidden Histories of American Law
Nation, Race, and Gender from Oroonoko to Anita Hill
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Representation in the United States, 1776–1850
The First Seminole War and American Nationhood
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Violence and Racial Fantasies in the Vietnam Era