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The Human Rights Revolution of the 1970s

222 it follows from what has just been said that the United States, to remain the nation it was born to be, must necessarily be anticommunist and that the defense of American virtue must necessarily imply resistance to communism. And, despite reckless accusations hurled by conspiracy- minded people on the ultraright, most of America’s leaders and a vast majority of the American people have always been solidly anticommunist. Yet the threat of communism has been registered with varying degrees of intensity ever since it became clear that Soviet Russia was

thinking on a global basis that would have warmed the heart of Alfred T. Mahan. It comprehended the Far East, the Middle East (with its strategically important oil supplies), Europe, and, of course, America’s own “back door,” Latin America. The latter was to be kept friendly, stable, and secure by subjecting it to a more rigorous form of chapter twelve American Virtue and the Soviet Challenge amer ican virtue and the soviet challenge 201 the Monroe Doctrine that would not only forbid foreign colonization and control but would frown on the appearance of foreign

The Story of John and Abigail Adams in Europe
The Persistent Moral Dilemma of U.S. Foreign Policy
From the Founding Fathers to the Progressive Era
The Religious Origins of American Violence
A Living History
From Peace to Human Rights

Preface ix 1 Introduction 1 2 Origins and Significance of the American Mythology 18 3 Founding a Virtuous Republic 32 4 Problems of Virtue and Power 50 5 Nonentanglement: The Economic Dimension 66 6 Nonentanglement: The Political Dimension 81 7 Innocent Virtue and the Conquest of a Continent 98 8 From Imperialism to World Peace 123 9 Woodrow Wilson and the Reign of Virtue 144 10 Disillusionment and Hope 165 contents 11 American Isolation 181 12 American Virtue and the Soviet Challenge 200 13 Anticommunism and American Virtue 222 14 Cold War