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Owning and Accumulating Objects from the Greek Antiquity to the Early Modern Period

WARSTEINER Art Collection Carsten Baumgarth/Marina Kaluza/Nicole Lohrisch 1. warsTeiner arT collecTion Die WARSTEINER Art Collection ist ein Markenprojekt der Marke WARSTEINER, die als eine externe Kunst-Unternehmens-Kooperation (KUK) beschrieben wer- den kann. Der Inhalt der Kampagne ist in erster Linie eine limitierte Sonder- edition von sechs künstlerisch gestalteten Bierflaschen. Diese Sonderedition hat die WARSTEINER Brauerei zum 260sten Firmenjubiläum im Sommer 2013 zum ersten Mal auf den Markt gebracht (2014: zweite Auflage mit ebenfalls sechs

XVII Building an Art Collection H J ART.Y in 1892 the minor mystery of Johnson's European excursions was cleared up. For over ten years, acquaintances had recognized the lawyer's bulky figure in the capitals of Europe. A few told of seeing him on the benches of the Louvre, oblivious to everything but art. Only his intimates knew that he was deeply interested in painting, and that most of his summers abroad were spent in art galleries and museums. Even they were but dimly aware that he was gathering an important and valuable collection. The bar knew that

-book art collections), but progress has been checked, partly by the financial constraints to which the Danish library system has been exposed. But another reason why more has not been achieved, and why, in particular, more loan collections of prints and posters have not been established, is a series of myths concerning art in libraries : the myth of Art with a capital A, the myth of expense, and the myth of practical problems. The myth of art palaces As most of the art loan collections which have been started are located in separate buildings, the isolation of

GOVERNMENT OF ONTARIO ART COLLECTION LA COLLECTION D'CEUVRES D'ART DU GOVERNMENT DE L'ONTARIO 6-1 6 1 he works of art now displayed in Ontario gov- ernment buildings comprise a collection that was begun in 1855. The Government of Ontario Art Collection, as it is known, consists of more than 2,300 original works, including paintings, murals, works on paper, and indoor and outdoor sculp- ture. Found in more than thirty locations across the province, the art collection is the most widely dispersed of all the collections administered by the Archives of Ontario. The

A Descriptive Catalogue of the Warren and Other Collections
Kultur, Kunst und Konsum im antiken Rom


Zu den ungelösten Folgeproblemen des deutsch-sowjetischen Kriegs gehört der schwierige Komplex von Beutekunst und Kunstrestitution. Trotz langjähriger Verhandlungen konnten beide Seiten hier zu keiner Übereinkunft finden. Frank Grelka untersucht im vorliegenden Aufsatz Konzepte, Ansprüche und die Durch-führung der sowjetischen Kunstrequisition in Deutschland nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg und kann zeigen, dass diese über das Prinzip der restitution in kind deutlich hinausgingen.

the 19nd century) and Jacobson (1872), as well as two live-size copies, one that has been called “contemporary” and one from an unknown painter commissioned by the Immanuel Order (1865/80), although the latter two may stem from the same artist. The Kant-Museum also exhibited a Kant portrait by Heydeck (1872) based on Doebler’s original, on loan from the art collection of Königsberger Castle. All of these works were destroyed in World War II or have gone missing since 1945. This essay discusses the two Kant portraits sold in auction in 1963 and 2000 and held by the