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Cyclisation of l-Phenyl-4-carboxymethylmercapto-5-arylazo-hydantoins A. F. A. Shalaby*, M. A. Abdel Aziz, and S. S. M. Boghdadi Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Giza, Egypt Z. Naturforsch. 36b, 501-504 (1981); received November 26, 1980 Arylazo Compounds, Mannich Bases l-Phenyl-4-carboxymethylmercapto-5-arylazo-hydantoin derivatives (3a-f) were cy- clised with acetic anhydride to give the bicyclic products (4a-f). Compounds 4 a, b condensed with aromatic aldehydes in acetic acid and in presence of anhydrous sodium acetate

activation /1,2/. Reduction of carcinogenic azo compounds leads in some cases to loss of carcinogenic activity, while oxidation of azo compounds may promote activation /1,2/. The microsomal processes involved in N-oxidation of azo compounds are thought to be mediated by NADPH-dependent processes, involving either the cytochrome P- 450 system or the flavoprotein amine oxidase /5/. Although the in vitro metabolism of bisalkyl, bisaryl and aralkylazo compounds has been previously reported, studies on the in vitro meta- bolism of heterocyclic arylazo compounds are

(XXV) N0 2 ao -Go HN03 0 2N OH N0 2 (XXVI) 242 RECENT JAPANESE CONTRIBUTIONS IN TROPONOID CHEMISTRY (XXVII) (XXIX) __{'fo X ~OH N==N 'q; (XXVIII) (XX VIlla) (XXX) structure of the 1,2,5-tropoquinonoid form (XXX). Arylazo compounds of 4-ethyl- and 4-acetamidoethyltropolone (XXXI a, b) easily cyclize to afford a heterocyclic compound (XXXII), which exists in the yellow- coloured enolic form (XXXIIa)10• The sodium derivative of 4-acetyltropolone (XXXIc) instantly cyclizes on acidification to give a purple-coloured pigment (XXXIIb) (Figure 3


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