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9 Atomic Physics 9.1 Experimental Atomic Physics 9.1.1 Thomson's Measurement of el m J. J. Thomson hypothesized that cathode rays were composed of an a stream of particles of mass m and charge e. Thomson designed the experiment shown in figure 9.1 to calculate the ratio e/m. I f a voltage V is applied to the plates, which are separated by a distance D, the rays feel an acceleration eE/m = eV/Dm. I f the initial velocity is v, the time to cross x¡ is h = xi¡v> ^ e time t 0 c r o s s x2 * s h = xl!v- During t{, the ^-direction deflection is When the rays

Ill Atomic Physics and Radiation 20 Energy Levels in a Distorted Coulomb Field* We shall consider the energy levels in the field of a potential W that for r > r0 is the same as the Coulomb potential V = -(e2/er). When r < r0, the potential W can differ greatly from the Coulomb potential, and, in particular, the potential W can be such that there will be several bound states with wave functions that are localized at r < r0. The boundary point r0 is assumed to be small in comparison with the radius of the Bohr orbit. The problem is an idealization of the 2  Universal lengths of atomic physics and statistical physics Si toute particule qui nous apparaît comme isolée à l’échelle microscopique peut constamment échanger de l’énergie et de la quantité de mouvement avec le milieu subquantique, celui-ci joue le rôle d’un « thermostat caché » avec lequel la particule est constamment en contact énergétique. (Louis De Broglie)1 Negatively charged electrons can be removed from bonds by light or by applying a voltage, and then these electrons can move freely. The resulting

Wei Quan, Xuanyang Lai, Xiaojun Liu, Jing Chen 5 Atomic physics in ultrafast intense laser fields 5.1 Introduction Since its birth in 1960s, laser has become a very useful tool in advancing our under- standing of the fundamental light-matter interaction. In 1990s, the development of ul- trashort lasers, represented by all-solid-state Ti:sapphire femtosecond lasers, which are tunable in the visible and near-infrared spectral regions, has shown high impact on spectroscopic and dynamical investigations in different areas, including physics, chemistry, and biology

The Dirac equation is solved for mixed vector-scalar potentials. The limits on the scalar coupling constant are set by precision atomic experiments, We obtain the maximal size of the scalar coupling constant α' = 2.5·10-8 per charge unit. Deviations from the Mott scattering are also determined.

been of considerable assistance in several stages of the experiments. Desorientierung von optisch ausgerichteten Na-Atomen durch Edelgas-Stöße H. SOBOLL I. Physikalisches Institut der Universität Gießen (Z. Naturforsch. 24 a , 2023—2024 [1969] ; eingeg. am 23. Oktober 1969) Cross sections for noble-gas-induced sodium spin disorien- tation have been measured and calculated by applying the spin-orbit and spin-exchange-model of R. Herman. Index headings: Atomic physics, optical pumping. Die Relaxation der Spinpolarisation ( S 2 ) durch Edel- gasstöße ist für

Atome, Moleküle, Atomkerne, Elementarteilchen

suited mathematical procedure. Based on experimental examples taken from atomic physics and without complicated mathematical formalism, we show possibilities and limitations of the deconvolution of measured curves with measured apparatus functions. The choice of the Fourier transformation algorithm makes it possible to compute the information content of curves quite easily. This may be used to optimize the performance of an experiment. 1. Introduction Experimentally obtained curves are, in general, smoothed, broadened and distorted due to the measuring devices References Bohr, N.: Atomic Physics and Human Knowledge. New York: John Wiley and Sons, 1958. Boyle, R.: The Origin of Forms and Qualities. Oxford: Davis, 1666. Brock, S.: Niels Bohr’s Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics. Berlin: Logos, 2003. Earley, J. ‘Why there is no salt in the sea’, in Chemical Explanation, ed. J. Earley. New York: New York Academy of Science, 2004 Galileo, G.: The Assayer. Trans G. Stillman Drake. New York: Doubleday, (1623) 1957. Husserl, E.: The Crisis of European Sciences, 1937. Locke, J.: An Essay Concerning Human Understanding. London: Dent